What If?

Ada sebuah dialog di episode “Ducky Tie” dalam series How I Met Your Mother yang entah kenapa selalu terngiang di kepala gue.

Ted: Why’d I let you get on that plane? Why didn’t I get on it with you? What would our lives be right now, if we had just… held on? Would I have still run into you at this party tonight… or would we have been there together? We’d go home to our home? You cook. I do the dishes.
I’m happy that you’re happy. But damn it. What if?
Victoria: Do you really want to know the answer to that?
Ted: No. I think it would kill me.


The never ending question, “What if?”

Pertanyaan yang selalu menghantui kita. Membuat kita ragu. Membuat kita selalu menengok ke belakang, seperti ada yang tertinggal, seperti ada sesuatu yang belum selesai.

Ketika dihadapkan dengan jawabannya, dengan bagaimana hidup kita bila kita mengambil keputusan yang lain, mampukah kita menerimanya? Sanggupkah?

The past is in the past. Jalanin aja hidup lu yang sekarang, and never look back.

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