Yellow Submarine

Another short story, inspired by a song with the same title by The Beatles.


We’re all living in a yellow submarine.

It’s been centuries after the first discovery of global warming. The discovery that everyone ignored.

At first.

Until it was too late.

The ozone has almost completely disappeared. There’s barely anything left to protect Earth from the sun’s radiation.


Luckily, our technology has developed.

About five decades ago, scientists found a way to make sure that humanity would survive. It was gazillion dollars project, funded by the most wealthy and powerful families of Earth.

Well, all people knew that it was not a philanthropic action.

It was not for the sake of humanity, it was for those families.

When the radiation had reached an alarming level, those families and thousands of scientists and engineers started living in this yellow submarine.


We adapted to the environment like we always did.

Our ancestors left the oceans to live in the lands. Now we found ourselves leaving the land to live under the sea.

We live in the vast oceans. Together with oddly shaped creatures.

Those who also survived from global warming.

And tons of garbages our ancestors produced long long time ago.

Garbage they never bothered to clean up because it was in the water, away from their lives on land.

Funny how things turn out.


Living in a submarine is not easy. It’s no fun. There’s barely any entertainment.

You can’t complain. You must not. You should consider yourself lucky just for being alive.

All people have to work to live.

Those rich people who used to live only by giving commands now have to do the same work with their slaves.

Money can’t buy power anymore. The concept of money ceased to exist by the time the last human on land died.

You can’t eat money down here.


We’re all living in a yellow submarine.

Living is surviving.

Prolonging the existence of humanity.

Waiting until we can live on land again.


We’re all living in a yellow submarine.

Because we have destroyed our previous home.

We’re all living in a yellow submarine.

Because it’s the only home we have left.


We’re all living in a yellow submarine.


Because it’s the only thing we can do, because it’s the only thing we can think of.


At least we’re living.


Down in the deep deep sea.

In a yellow submarine.


2 thoughts on “Yellow Submarine

  1. Gak sengaja kesini dari keyword yellow submarine niatnya mau cek sketchbook keluaran korea tapi i will never regret this, alamat salah yang superb ^^ this is so interesting devina! i saw your posts they are all amazing, kamu sangat pemikir ! God bless you~^^

    1. Hallo, Aya! Wah, terima kasih pada Google yang sudah mengantarkan kamu ke sini. Also thanks for reading and for your kind words. God bless you too! 🙂

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