Are you rich?


Indonesia is the goldmine for interesting cases. There are many sides of Indonesia. In one part, you’ll see glass-stained skyscrapers and on the other side, you’ll see children swimming across the river just to get to school. People are now leaving their small hometowns to get the economic prosperity they can only get in the cities. But cities do not only differ with rural areas in term of economy, there is something more compelling – it’s the lifestyle, the urban culture.

This has raised an intriguing question: is there any relations between culture and economic condition?

I would like to answer that question by comparing two areas, one in a province with the highest regional income ratio compared to its transferred fund[1] and one in a province with the lowest ratio, DKI Jakarta (64.2%) and West Papua (2.8%)[2]. This is interesting given the fact that Jakarta is known with its…

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