After Paris

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Technically, I am a Buddhist. At least according to my ID card.

Buddhism encourages its followers to develop their compassion to every being, and frowns upon hatred in any kind. Buddhism also discourages any kind of murder, including participation in murder which leads to the vegan lifestyle, since all the animals ended up dead on our plate are dead to fulfil our wants.

My religion teaches me not to hate. Yours too, and so does everyone else’s. A quick Google search will show you scriptures or any sentence from each religion’s holy book that proves my argument.

And yet, many bloods were spilled in the name of religion, or related to that.

Buddhists are told not to kill and we see Rohingya case on the news. Stranded on the seas, barely survived in their escape to other countries, because they were prosecuted in their own country, Myanmar, a Buddhist majority country. Rohingyans were killed because they were simply different.

Muslims, having their own laws in war or just in bello, are prohibited not to kill non-Muslims by Muhammad himself. And yet, we see actors like Islamic State, using a religion’s name, spreading terror and hatred, killing non-Muslims, in the name of ‘holy war’ or ‘jihad’.

Religions can only do so much. Scriptures show us the way, how to be good, how to treat one another, and how to live in peace. But there is nobody that can enforce this except ourself.

All the violence, all the atrocities, it’s not caused by religions or beliefs. It’s the human.

We live in the same pale blue dot on the corner of the universe, accompanied by a little star. We’re supposed to live together, side by side, because we’ve got nobody else we can count on, nor another place we can runaway to should we grow tired of one another.

There is no other friend, there is no other place. No one to save us from ourself.

We are trapped here. We are supposed to live harmoniously, instead of waging war with the only other intelligent being we know.

In times like this, it’s easy to point fingers and blame others. But you can also cross your fingers to pray or intertwine them with others’ and make peace.


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